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My Story

"I started Tunique because I believe luxury can be affordable and worn every day"

That of course means that luxury is more an attitude and a sense of style than a price tag and a brand! Tunique thrives to be a place where everyone can be free with their appearance - some days you want to look classic and elegant, some days you want to show off and feel sexy, sometimes you may even want to look silly as a proof of self-detachment. No matter how you feel, Tunique tries to give everyone a chance to be free without fear of judgment.

"I grew up in France in the 1980s-1990s, in a tiny provincial town immune to fashion and trends"

Growing up there, in a blue collar family environment, my sense of style was 100% dictated by my mom. As a result, my whole childhood and teenage years were an absolute fashion disaster! Everything was wrong, from the choice of clothes, hairdo, shoes... Inside the home too, the curtains, wallpapers, furniture, choices of deco objects were close to nightmarish I must admit! Looking back at my childhood pictures I do feel embarrassed and ashamed. But it makes me laugh too!

"During that time, I learnt a lot"

I learnt that fashion is not something static, and if you want fashion to bring joy and excitement you need to change and own your choices. Changing of course implies challenging yourself, taking risks, the risk of embarrassment and ridicule. But to me these risks have always been worth taking, because if you refuse to change because of fear of making mistakes, you just end up stuck.

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Soft Perfume Guide :}

Soft Perfume Guide :}

Discreet in its presence, yet captivating in its scent, a well-chosen perfume envelops us like a caress, making us at one with our body and revealing our soul.

A perfume is a very personal thing, creating a unique harmony with every different skin and bringing out different notes on different people, depending on their skin's tone and pH. Your fragrance becomes unique to you.

Give your perfume time to reveal all its notes, from top to base; discover its harmonies, listen to its music, dare to mix it with another perfume.

Our Soft Perfumes offer you a new, unique, graceful way to use perfume. A caress of perfume: a caress of Soft Perfume. Whether on the temples, the tip of the nose, the wrists, or behind the knees, allow yourself to be surprised by this new and more personal method that is both fun and incredibly revitalizing.

From Sabe Masson Paris official website

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French "Besace" X Craie Boutique

What is it with the French and their “besace”

– Messenger bag in English?



Did you know?

The besace is a long bag with an opening in the middle. It used to be worn by monks for its practicality: huge storage capacity and allows to use your hands as it has only 1 long strap that can be worn over the shoulder or across. So in the Middle Ages, this type of bag was used as a travel bag.

Besace in French culture today

The besace has a special place in the collective imagination of French fashionistas: it is the cool bag per excellence because it was mostly used by men in history – cf in the army – and is now mostly found in the wardrobes of bobos and students who love it for its slouchy, urban, bohemian, “intellectual” look.

Craie’s version of the besace is reminiscent of French kids’ schoolbag so it carries all the nostalgia of past childhood but adapted to the active life of contemporary women thanks to beautifully lightweight leathers available in all kinds of irresistible colors!

>>> Tap & Check out our Craie collection




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About Simon Sinek Ted Talk: It's not about the what and how, it's about the why

Today, I just came across a Simon Sinek Ted Talk: "Start with the why". His theory is very simple and it is summarised in the little drawing below:

It got me thinking: what is my core/ purpose/ belief? Why does my organisation exist? Why do I get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care?

Does Tunique truly have a purpose? I looked back in time to look for an answer. I started the brand Tunique in 2008 because of what I would call a fashion void in Hong Kong. It was nothing revolutionary or new. Just the belief that I could bring my own personal sense of style to the Hong Kong scene at a time when there was nothing really affordable and nice (to my liking). So initially, Tunique was about dressing up, fashionably, comfortably and in a smart kind of way.


(sample of 2012 last Tunique collection)

In 2012, after having designed about 8 collections, and faced with increasing competition from new comers in Hong Kong (Zara, H&M), I got scared and I stopped. Then, by chance, I went to visit my friend who had recently moved to Seoul. That's how I discovered the fascinating world of accessories.


So, why accessories, why Tunique and jewellery? My purpose, my core, my belief, is that, I wake up every day wanting to be different. Not to make a difference -that will come I'm sure but I am not 100% ready yet- but to be/ look different. I strongly believe that the way you dress up tells a lot about your self and is an integral part of who you are. Even not caring about fashion tells a lot about you. Because you can't go around naked and because clothes don't grow on trees, everyone has to take fashion decisions at some point. Personally, I want to dress up in "intelligent" clothes. Meaning:

1. Clothes you pick have to suit your body shape because there is nothing less fashionable than an outfit that does not suit you: the example below is wrong in so many ways I don't even know where to start!


2. We live in a new society where fashion diktats are not as dictatorial as they used to. Especially in a mixed culture place like Hong Kong, there is such a degree of freedom here that fashion really comes more from inside than from outside. So my style is about practicalities first: clothes have to be wearable and fresh, without drawing too much attention. I am definitely not an early trend adopter. I have to be exposed to new ideas for some time and then find an expression that fits my "classical" aspirations. But I am really bored with wearing the same style all the time, that is why I always strive to find things that incorporate the new in the old. And I am lucky, because I recently found MY DESIGNER. The person who seems to have designed a clothing line especially for me! Thank you Chloe Stora!

3. But anyway, because clothing is so widely available nowadays, I wanted to focus on every thing that go around it: the accessories. Those totally superfluous, unessential items, that can make or break a style. I like their lightness, their superficiality, their versatility, and mostly I usually don't like spending a fortune for them. That is how Tunique (jewellery) was born.


4. So why I am doing this? Because I believe that we need to be superfluous and light with fashion and the only way to do that is by offering affordable products, that have style. I have always been a true admirer of Ikea. Ikea has brought to the majority the choice of furnishing our homes in style at very affordable prices. That is exactly what I want to do with accessories.





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Affordable Luxury - SS2015

I am always looking for “affordable luxury” items. And by “affordable luxury”, I don’t mean discounted Gucci, Hermes, LV or Chanel, I mean products that “walk the walk and look the look”, without costing an eye, a leg, or none of your body parts for that matter.

This spring/summer 2015, I am well engaged in my 3rd year of searching for these types of products. And of course, as you must all know, the minute you start something new, everything is exciting and inspiring, you don’t really ask yourself why, how, for whom, when etc. You just do it: make it or break it, you just do your stuff. But after so long, several things started happening to me, as a buyer and entrepreneur.

First, “writers’ block”: faced with so many elements to take into consideration, I started asking myself: will it work? Will my customers buy this? Do I like this or do I just believe it will work? And to these questions of life or death, my answer would systematically be: er… dunno… Tough.

Second, the “wandering”: for a buyer, navigating in a world of uncertainty is probably the worst that can happen. That and actually taking bad decisions or not buying at all. A couple of years back, if anyone had told me that this would happen to me, I would certainly have laughed in complete disbelief.

But finally, the “rediscovery”: finally united back to my old self, I am glad I can truly speak of the resolution of my long wandering in the torments of commercial thinking.

That is how this SS2015 collection is born: you will see what I like, what I would like people to enjoy. For the greater part this collection comes from Korea. Seoul is an endless source of inspiration for new, creative, stylish stuff with a twist. What I find most interesting in that place is how it exactly fits my own tastes for a mix of very European understated elegance and wicked modernity. So what I always look for there is a very urban, funky style, that can easily appeal to all of us, girls and women living in cities. This time, I found a lot of trendy stuff like these new earrings that fall under or crawl up the ear, which I find interesting, not that I like “trendy” stuff per se, it’s just that really, we need freshness sometimes.

And to counter-balance that, there are also a lot of pearls. I have always enjoyed their eternal old-fashioned look but now, tangled in intricated modern shapes, they look a bit off, a bit odd, old and new, everything I like. New takes on shapes too: rings that don't close, rings that look like an eye has fallen on the tip of your finger.


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