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About the SCMP article - Style Confessions

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I received an email from the PR agency, at around 10pm one night, reminding me of the photo shoot to take place the following day at noon. Of course I was not ready. And of course I said yes, no problem. First of all, my hair was a total mess, with roots 3 inches long, the improbable shape of a flattened pavlova after having had a perm about 6 months ago. Then my nails, terribly "natural" looking nails, with no shape, no structure, no filing, dead skins around cuticles, no polish obviously, in a word disgusting.   And then of course the topic: showing 3 outfits that you would wear: 1. Everyday. 2. To work. 3. To play. When you usually don't pay too much attention to these questions, and as a professional-amateur shopper and fashion-addict you would imagine that this exercise is like totally in your range of expertise, well, when you are faced with the prospect of actually been displayed in a free magazine supplement of the most widely read English newspaper in Hong Kong - even though, let me stop you right here: no need to get over-jealous or over-excited, nobody reads the supplement - it is totally freakishly scary. Why, one would ask. Well, I don't know. Pride, lack of self-confidence, elation, all of those and more. Anyway, back then, I was laying in my bed, half over-excited and half pretending to myself I could take it casually: like, who cares? Nobody will see this paper anyway and I will just think about it tomorrow. Then I was mentally going through every single piece of clothing and shoes in my wardrobe. That took some time. By the time I had finished the mental exercise, it was midnight. What about my beauty sleep? Then OMG, makeup. It just hit me, you really need makeup on these occasions because cameras make every spot on your face look like a traffic light. And I don't know how to apply makeup. So, trying to take it cool, I was like whatever, I still have this great compact I wore 15 years ago for my wedding, and the blush. That will do. And I tried to force myself into sleep, because of that fricking beauty sleep. That's when all the magazines articles come rushing back to your face. You cannot, you will not, you shall never, look pretty if you don't get enough sleep. How stressful is that? So after some time, I'm like, what the hell, forget it. I jump out of bed and start pouring all my clothes on the bed. Trying things together, on top of my pyjamas, like a fanatic. And I pass the details about what I thought about every single piece of clothing I selected or discarded. I mean, how much thinking can I put into things, it is almost agonising sometimes. I finally managed to narrow things down a bit and pack everything in a suitcase and try to sleep. I arrive in the office at 9am, having slept a solid 4 hours, with huge bags under the eyes and the complexion of a yellow ghost, the hair well let's not mention the hair. So emergency plan set into motion. I call Tony and Guy. Everybody is in a staff meeting. Crap. I beg, I cry, I have this PHOTO SHOOT and my hair is unacceptable. They call Davy and he accepts to take me, right now. As we chat, he insists that I need makeup. Thank you very much Davy, I know. I will do my best. After the blow-dry, I look like Lady Di, with more volume that she could have ever dreamt of. That's a disaster. I try to flatten everything. Then I open my makeup box that I just slid in the suitcase the previous night. I rummage through it for the magic compact and the blush. Nowhere to be found. Sweat starts dripping down my face. I must have thrown them a while ago, because they past the expiry date. What do I do? It is 11am, the photo shoot is at 12. I have no choice. I run -thank god I started jogging the previous month so I can manage to fast-walk for 10mins - to Bobby Brown. Again, I supplicate, I beg, I cry, I am hysterical. I even wonder why they let me in. The result is woaw. Then I rush to a cab and I am late to my first ever photo shoot, but my hair and face look decent. My nails are still a disgrace, but seriously, what can a woman do in 3 hours?